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Without the support of talents, there will be no future of the enterprise.

Guiding ideology of talent team construction

Guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", we should thoroughly implement the scientific outlook on development, establish the strategic layout of giving priority to the development of talents, adhere to the concept of "growing up in learning and developing in innovation", follow the law of enterprise development and the law of talent growth, constantly strengthen the construction of talent capacity and speed up the adjustment of staff structure. In accordance with the principle of "rapid introduction of scarce talents, continuous introduction of excellent talents and key introduction of reserve talents", vigorously introduce all kinds of international and domestic talents, establish the comparative advantage of the group's talent competition as soon as possible, and ensure and promote the full realization of the group's development goal of the 12th Five Year Plan.


Build five talent teams

1) Construction of the representative team of investors: Aiming at improving the corporate governance structure and meeting the needs of investors at all levels, strive to cultivate and select a team of directors and supervisors with the concept of the overall situation and strategic thinking and faithfully safeguarding the rights and interests of investors;

2) Construction of management talent team: vigorously promote the professional, market-oriented, professional and international development of management talent;

3) Construction of the team of Party and mass workers: focusing on the excellent heads of Party organizations, cultivate a team of Party and mass workers who innovate party affairs around the center, maintain enterprise stability and do a good job in mass work;

4) Construction of scientific and technological talent team: focus on leading scientific and technological talents, and cultivate a scientific and technological talent team that can stand at the forefront of scientific and technological and industrial development, accelerate the scientific and technological progress of enterprises and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises;

5) Construction of high skilled talent team: focusing on high skilled talents, build a skilled talent team with complete categories, dedication and exquisite skills.


Improve talent training mechanism

1. Increasing investment in talent education and training;

2. Fully implement the training time of various personnel;

3. Promote the objectives of continuing education at all levels;

4. Continue to build a three-level education and training system;

5. Continue to expand various forms of training channels

6. Continue to deepen the "five studies" activities in combination with reality.

Improve the talent introduction mechanism

7. Be good at introducing talents to the group;

8. Generally introduce talents to the society;

9. Continuously introduce fresh graduates;

10. Actively and steadily introduce overseas talents.

Improve the talent selection mechanism

11. Fully implement the tenure system;

12. Vigorously promote the appointment system;

13. Earnestly implement the electoral system;

14. Try out the reserve system steadily;

15. Improve the exchange temporary duty system.

Improve talent evaluation mechanism

16. Improve the evaluation system;

17. Improve the evaluation methods;

18. Implement the evaluation system;

19. Build a diversified evaluation mechanism.

Improve talent incentive mechanism

20. Continuously improve the salary system;

21. Continuously improve the insurance system;

22. Continuously improve the incentive system;

23. Accelerate the construction of talent stage.


Improve talent management mechanism

24. Implement classified management;

25. Promote hierarchical control;

26. Explore and concentrate resources;

27. Insist on being practical;

28. Establish an exit mechanism.

Guarantee measures for talent team construction

1) Strengthen the organization and leadership of talent construction;

2) Establish a coordinated and efficient talent working mechanism;

3) Create a favorable environment for talent development;

4) Formulate talent team construction plans level by level.

Build five talent teams

Human resources are the foundation for enterprises to obtain competitive advantage, which is related to the survival of enterprises. To build an "internationally advanced enterprise group", we must be supported by advanced talents. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the group company must continue to accelerate the pace of talent team construction with a more pragmatic spirit, more scientific arrangements and more effective measures, so as to make greater contributions to building a harmonious enterprise and promoting scientific development.

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