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  Our factory provides the following technical support:

  1. Our factory provides technical documents such as operation manuals, operating instructions, maintenance manuals or service guides for the goods.

  2. On-site movement, installation, commissioning, start-up supervision and technical support of goods;

  3. Provide special tools and auxiliary materials required for the assembly and maintenance of goods;

  4. Supervise the operation and maintenance of all goods within the time limit agreed in the contract;

  5. Free training for end-user operators.

  6. Provide 24-hour telephone service, and have professional and technical personnel to provide high-quality services.

  7. Provide 7 x 24 hours of technical consulting services. During normal use during the warranty period, the fault response time will be 2 hours, and the fault will be removed on site within 48-72 hours depending on the maintenance level.


  Lin Qichun (Minister)13797012757

  Xu Aiqing (engineer)15871036244

  Tian Jun (engineer)13036117393

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