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Service and Complaints

  Service and Complaints:027-59255308

  Perfect pre-sales service

  Product introduction→configuration selection→differential communication


  Meticulous on-sale service

  Production plan → in-house production → quality assurance


  All-round after-sales service

  Satisfactory delivery → personnel training → complaint response

  Hubei 3611 Special Equipment Co., Ltd. takes "Meticulous Service, Quality Creation" as its service tenet, and provides one-stop product service for every customer. After the product is delivered to the customer, our factory will send personnel to train the user on the operation, maintenance and basic troubleshooting of various functions of the special vehicle. In the later period, after-sales service personnel will be arranged to take the initiative to visit to eliminate hidden troubles. When the product fails, our factory promises 24 hours (7 days) uninterrupted technical telephone support. Arrive at the scene within 48-72 hours in China, and express emergency parts to ensure the normal use of the vehicle.
After-sales service flow chart

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